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Thank you to the Coalition to Support MTSD

Thank you for your endorsement, Coalition to Support MTSD. I advocate and will always advocate to keep school boards non-partisan. MTSD succeeds by electing leaders to the BOE who are willing to listen to all voices, have the experience to comprehend the complex issues we are experiencing and has the ability to make tough decisions.

With 9 years of dedicated service on the BOE, I believe I am such a leader. I have invested the time to learn, I comprehend the issues and believe, while there are always ways to improve, we offer our students an excellent, well rounded education as evidenced by consistently being rated one of the top school districts in the state. The BOE is fiscally conservative with our taxpayers dollars. If we were not, we would not have the highest bond rating Moody’s offers, Aaa, being one of three out of 421 school districts in the state of WI to have this rating.

I hope I have earned the trust and the vote of Mequon and Thiensville voters on April 4.

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