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3/9/23 Letter to the Editor by Jackie Mortensen

Re-elect Wendy Francour for School Board

To the editor: I have known Wendy for many years and strongly recommend she be reelected to the Mequon Thiensville School District (MTSD) Board of Education (BOE). Wendy is a strong public school advocate, serving on the MTSD BOD since 2014.

Wendy has a long and deep connection to our community. She has lived in Mequon for 32 years and is a lifelong resident of the North Shore. In addition, she is the proud parent of a MTSD K-12 graduate.

Wendy has decades of volunteer experience in the MTSD and the Mequon Thiensville Education Foundation. She has served as PTO Co-President, chaired multiple PTO committees, chaired subcommittee task forces, held committee chair positions for the Mequon Thiensville Education Foundation fund-raising events, and served on Principal and Superintendent Advisory Boards.

As a board member, Wendy helped create the MTSD mission, vision and strategic plans, approved the 10 Year Long Range Master Plan, Legislative Platform, Academic Recovery Plan and two School Resource Officer positions. In addition, she has been a good steward of the public’s money, ensuring that the school budgets she has helped to develop have been clear, concise and reasonable.

Wendy is approachable and has the ability to listen from multiple perspectives. She is sincerely interested in understanding others’ points of view on a topic. This skill allows her to serve our district’s students, administrators, educators and community members optimally.

Wendy has one agenda, to ensure that all the children in the MTSD receive the best education possible. The MTSD vision, “Each student, every time, empowered to succeed,” is the guiding principle behind her board service.

She is the experienced, thoughtful and committed leader we need on the School Board. I could not recommend Wendy highly enough.

On April 4, please vote to re-elect Wendy Francour for Mequon Thiensville School District Board of Education.

Jackie Mortenson Mequon

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