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3/16/23 Letters to the Editor

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Francour and Barikmo will continue legacy of excellence at MTSD

To the editor: This April 4th, we again have the privilege to select, by free and fair public elections, those who will lead our important public functions. After careful consideration of my choices, I write to share my support for the most qualified candidates to lead the Mequon-Thiensville School District (MTSD) by filling two available seats.

Wendy Francour and Kate Barikmo both bring the skills and expertise to continue and expand upon the widely recognized tradition of academic success and organizational efficiency that the MTSD schools are known for. MTSD student’s academic achievement consistently exceeds statewide averages and the district consistently exceeds expectation in the Department of Public Instruction report card. In the ultimate measure, students graduate from Homestead High School at nearly a 100% rate and with average ACT score significantly above state averages.

These excellent outcomes are the result of thousands of engaged parents, hundreds of teachers and staff and the visionary and pragmatic leadership of the the Board of Education. Wendy Francour’s constant and thoughtful leadership for more than nine years has driven this success. She has earned the opportunity to be re-elected to continue her tireless volunteer work. Wendy’s finger is on the pulse of board’s priorities to continue our success.

Kate Barikmo would bring a valuable and unique perspective and set of skills to the board. She is the only candidate who is an active teacher. Her Master’s Degree from UW-Madison in curriculum and instruction will provide important insights to the board as they set tactical and strategic direction. Kate’s full support of the MTSD Board’s Vision of “Each Student, Every Time, Empowered to Succeed” and the required support of both students and staff to achieve this, is what we need in our leadership.

Bob Tatterson Mequon

Francour keeps the excellence in the MTSD mission statement

To the editor: We are staunch advocates for the reelection of Wendy Francour to the Mequon Thiensville School District’s Board of Education. She has been serving the schools, students, staff and community of the MTSD since 2016 with impeccable grace, grit, dedication and the utmost professionalism.

With years of experience on the MTSD board, as a parent, volunteer and community member, Wendy has spent countless hours working to keep the word “excellence” in our district’s mission statement. Wendy’s modus operandi is to listen, learn, process and put into perspective ideas that are presented. Wendy’s track record has proven that she represents the best interests of the MTSD; the goal and commitment to provide each student the opportunity to succeed in an equitable and safe environment, every day.

With her experience, commitment and leadership, Wendy Francour will continue to work for the School Board’s mission of excellence, its schools, students, staff and community. Please vote to reelect Wendy on April 4!

Deb and Marty Choren Mequon

Wendy Francour has been an exceptional M-T School

Board member

To the editor: Wendy Francour is, without doubt or comparison, the best candidate to guide our school district as a Mequon-Thiensville School Board member. Wendy has served this community in that capacity for years through some of the most difficult times facing the school district. She has done so with a positivity and grace needed on our School Board. Wendy has a depth of knowledge second to none developed over her years of service and passion for education.

We have been deeply involved in MTSD for many years: Robin was a teacher in the district for 35 years and a long-time MTEF Board Member, and we have been parents and are now grandparents of Mequon-Thiensville School District students. We can say without hesitation that Wendy Francour has always taken the extra steps to thoroughly understand not only the needs of the children, the parents, and the administrators, but the needs of educators who give their all every day. Wendy has served the district not just as a Board of Education member but has also volunteered her service directly to the schools and through participation in district organizations like the MTEF.

Education is complex, involving a vast range of subjects, curriculum and standards, hugely diverse student needs and complicated budget concerns. Wendy has always devoted the full measure of time needed to understand these issues in depth, to analyze problems, to seek input from persons most knowledgeable, to welcome input from any citizen who would care to share their perspective and to fully inform her decisions without bias. She has not been afraid to make tough choices that support our students and our schools. Wendy Francour’s only agenda is the welfare of our students — all students. She deserves our vote and yours!

Robin and Howard Schlei Mequon

Francour for School Board

To the editor: I have had the good fortune of working with Wendy over the years on a wide array of MT School District activities. She is an extremely effective collaborator and her commitment to supporting the education of our kids is obvious. Wendy has demonstrated an ability to stay centered in the midst of high tension, always maintaining a focus on what’s best for kids.

In this time of destructive partisanship, we need people like Wendy who will continue to make decisions and take actions that build consensus, and support an environment of collaboration and care in our community.

I hope you join me in voting for her!

Kim Ebinger Mequon

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